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Final Day for voting...Please vote for Bakari Digital at Please... [bakaridigital]
Vote has been opened again in the Scotiabank/Nationwide Entrepreneurial Challenge 2012. The votes now count... [bakaridigital]
Jamaica Company Tax Returns Software - [bakaridigital]
We now in the Top 10 for the Scotiabank/Nationwide Entrepreneurial Challenge 2012. Thank you for all your support. [bakaridigital]
We made it to the Scotiabank / Nationwide entrepreneurial challenge Top 20. Thank you for putting us there! [bakaridigital] << Vote Now and Tomorrow for @bakaridigital. Less than 48hours to go! #ictja Please Retweet [bakaridigital]
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Hi Guys, It's Tuesday...Have you voted yet? Did you know you can vote daily? Please vote now. -... [bakaridigital]
Today is a new day for voting - Please Vote Now and Everyday for @bakaridigital - #ictja (plz RT) [bakaridigital]
Today is a new day for voting - Please Vote Now and Everyday - [bakaridigital]
We made it to the Nationwide and Scotiabank Entrepreneurial Challenge 2012 Top 50. Please VOTE for BAKARI... [bakaridigital]
Happy 49th Independence Day #Jamaica [bakaridigital]
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Our number has changed . We can now be reached at (876) 970-5521 [bakaridigital]
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